Various Endings

Pencil and ink on paper (2016)

Illustrations and commentary published in Abook Magazine, Issue 28


The girl in the image stands alone in an isolated space. She is dressed in a kimono-like robe,with layers of abstract elements that resemble various obi-bows. These layers symbolize the emotional and physical baggage one accumulates through life. Its weight is dependent on what she’s been willing to abandon and keep. Simultaneously, the chosen remnants can actually be adornments for her presence, rather than things that weigh her down.


The veil signifies literal blindness as well as disregard for the physicality of people and things. This image describes the experience of discovery through filtering out what the eye sees.

Ballerina Legs

This image is about transformation. The rabbit is a metaphor for someone innocent and inexperienced, while the ballerina legs represent the skills and cultivation required for individuals to successfully navigate through life. 

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